Around 6 mnths ago we found a kitten in the parking lot of Mc Donald's hence the name Mickey. She is young, bright eyed and very curious. She gets along fairly well with our older cat, often times thinking she is the boss of the house. Unfortunately we are no longer able to house 2 cats due to unforeseen circumstances and are looking to find the purrfect home for this gorgeous young gal!
Shadow and Simba are both young cats. Shadow is on the shy side but with Simba around, he's much more social. Shadow loves to be held like a baby and have his back scratched and play fetch, and Simba loves everyone and loves to explore.
Shadow and Simba are very close. They love to play together and Shadow follows where Simba leads. Shadow is on the shy side and Simba has an outgoing loves everyone attitude. With Simba around Shadow is becoming very social as well.
Peace is very gentle, kind and has a big heart. He loves to be affectionate after he warms up to you... he can be a bit of a fraidy cat :) the slightest noise or strange encounter will send him running to find a hiding place. He loves spending time with his brother Love, they grew up together. He has become good friends with our Lab retriever often plays cat games with him.
Blue is a precious, gentle 9 mon old kitty. I hate to regime her but due to relocating, there are no other options. She is affectionate and loves to welcome you home at the door!
Jax is three years old and is very loving and playful. He is great with dogs & kids & likes to play outdoors. He loves a soft blanket to snuggle in as well.
Twin is 2 yrs old. He is super smart and friendly. Loves to be petted. He had a twin who disappeared shortly after they appeared in the alley behind my job. He's been fixed but has no home . I feed him daily but he really needs a real home.
My Father passed away and had several (9) cats and unfortunately I have seven cats of my own! I already took three in and cannot take anymore in. This cat is so cute but has been aloner since she's having seperation anxieties and has separated herself from the other cats. She needs someone who can give her their undevided attention and LOVE!!!
I rescued Biscuit from a storm drain several years ago. She s a very precious and loving cat that gets along with children and other animals perfectly. She loves to cuddle and loves the sunlight.
Rythm is an affectionate kitty that has a attraction to men but is nice with women also. She is adorable and loves to cuddle on her own terms. Has a little anxiety when it comes to vets.
I got Nala from pet supermarket over a year ago. She is a good cat. She s wonderful good with children & babies & other cats. Looking for a loving home for her. Ze is a boy he also loves children. Is good with other cats and dogs. He absolutely loves to cuddle & hide in dark places.
Fox was a kitten a couple years ago and I've been feeding her in the alley behind my job. She is clean, fixed and precious. Looking for her forever home. She is very great and loves to be petted.
Spirit was born an outdoor cat but has been handled since day one. He is very vocal and affectionate. He loves being inside and out.
Luna is eleven years old and I adopted her from the Jacksonville Humane society. She has a mild heart murmur and medication is not necessary. She does like to cuddle but on her terms. But she's always willing to get attention and purr.
Rescue cat.. 6yrs old 8/20.. Very loving cat.. he has grown up with his brother Dexter all his life so hope to have them adopted together but if not he just may need extra love to get acquainted to new home..
Gator was rescued by 1 of my friends back in 2013. She was found in a parking lot when she was only about six weeks old. She was taken to the veterinarian to be checked out. She was nursed back to health. When I received her, half her tail was broken and eventually that half fell off. She now has half a tail but it was due to a traumatic event before I got her. She keeps to herself most of the ...
Aspen is a 1 year old male cat full of love and life, he is very playful and loves to be held and pet. He came to us when he was just a couple weeks old, his mother abandoned him and we found him crying all alone outside. We took him in and finished weaning him and together with our full grown female cat Willow, raised him. Aspen gets along nice with Willow but does not like our dog Sequoia. Ev...
Milkdud was born in my home by a stray momma. He was born with 2 siblings. After he was born his momma pushed him away. He was bottle fed from them on. Linchie the female is his closest companion. These 2 will warm your heart and home. Milkdud is adventurous and Linchie is quiet amd reserved. Linchie has a couple medical issues that need to be taken care of. They are very loving and love to cud...
Linchie is a love bug. She is 1 yr old and very shy. She has a herniated belly button but that doesnt stop her. She is bonded with Milkdud. She wonderful cuddly and a 1 of a kind baby doll.
Cookie the Cat (Cookie Crumb) was adopted by us as a stray kitten found by a family friend in 2012. She was a wonderful kitten, and grew up to be an inside/outside cat. She had the routine veterinarian care and was micro chipped. She was OK with our dog, but not friends. It got to where she would stay outside most of the day, then come home for supper when she saw my car come home from work. sh...